Economic Development Initiatives

Community & Social Service Initiatives

Education & Training Initiatives


The Mission of the Leon H. Sullivan Charitable Trust is to create economic and community development opportunities, by using our resources to advocate on behalf of impoverished people based on Reverend Leon H. Sullivan’s Principles of self help, social responsibility and human rights. 

To accomplish this we have or will conduct several programs throughout the year.  Our current initiatives are primarily in 3 Categories: Community & Social Service, Education & Training, and Economic Development:

  • Our Social & Community Service Initiatives are:

The Leon H. Sullivan Human Service Center – below market rent to service agencies
The Moving Mountains Awards


Charitable contributions

  • Our Educational & Training Initiatives are:

Resource information 
Training programs
Leon H. Sullivan History & Picture Gallery

  • Our Economic Development Initiatives are:

The Leon H. Sullivan Human Services Center - 1415 N. Broad St, Philadelphia, PA

       Meeting, office and seminar space rentals
Mini Mall West 

       Partner owner of the Haddington Plaza Shopping Center – 56th & Vine St., Philadelphia, PA