A legacy that lives on.

“I have heard it said that all professors have but one lesson, all politicians have but one speech, and all preachers have but one sermon…Well, my sermon for more than fifty years has been “Use what you have in your hands.” Leon H. Sullivan

Over fifty years ago, Dr. Sullivan preached his “one sermon” to his congregation at Zion Baptist Church in Philadelphia.  He embellished that sermon with a reference to the parable where Jesus took the five loaves and two fish…and he kept giving the bread and fish to the disciples so they could distribute it to the people (Luke 9:16).Rather than concluding the message with an alter call, Dr. Sullivan extended an invitation to the congregation to practice the parable by “sharing for economic empowerment.”And the rest is history.

Sharing for economic empowerment is the essence of the legacy of Dr. Leon H. Sullivan. Sharing is an individual responsibility. Our acceptance of this responsibility is evidenced when each of us use what we have in our hands, where we are to make a difference.

The Leon H. Sullivan Charitable Trust (“the Trust”) believes this legacy must live on because it allows us to learn from our past to prepare for the future. It is incumbent upon us, the living, to tell the story and make it viable for future generations.

We invite you to join with us telling the story of “sharing for economic empowerment” and keeping the legacy alive. Stay in touch with our website to see how you can participate in and support efforts to keep the legacy alive.

A special thanks to the donors who answered the call that made the achievements of the Trust possible.

Mable Ellis Welborn

Board Chair