Community & Social Service Initiatives

More than Providing Service


The Trust strives to create economic and community development opportunities, by using our resources to advocate on behalf of impoverished people based on Reverend Leon H. Sullivan’s Principles of self help, social responsibility and human rights.


 At Leon H. Sullivan Charitable Trust, we believe, as a community and as individuals, that it is our duty to be there for those in our community that are underserved.  We welcome donations and support of any kind, as well as business partnerships.

Contact our offices at 215-684-3400 to speak with us about our programs and services.


"You can't reason with a man who is hungry.  You have first to give him food to eat."
— Rev. Leon H. Sullivan

Economic Development Initiatives

Apply for our  STEP-Up Scholarship.  Click picture below to download the application.

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Education & Training Initiatives

1.  We will accept applications by email.

2.  If you can not get a current transcript, we will accept one from the prior reporting period, however, the final transcript will be required for the winners.

3.  If you can not get letters of recommendations from your school, we will accept more from the community.

4.  Although the verification of enrollment is important, it is not required unless you are a winner.  Thus your package is complete, if everything else is included.